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Taking Baby Temperature Armpit

Some doctors recommend taking a childs temperature in his armpit which is called the axillary temperature.

Taking baby temperature armpit. A high temperature or fever is usually considered to be a temperature of 38c or above. If you think your baby has a high temperature its best to check their temperature with a thermometer. Your baby may have a high temperature if they. How to take your babys temperature when taking their temperature orally make sure its not been within 30 minutes of the child eating or drinking hot or cold food says dr donald macgregor a consultant paediatrician senior lecturer in child health and spokesperson for the royal college of paediatrics and child health.

Place the tip of the thermometer under your childs tongue toward the. Turn on the digital thermometer. 4 years and up. To take an accurate axillary temperature the thermometer point must fit snugly into your.

For older children and adults taking an oral temperature is perfectly fine. For babies and children under five years of age taking a rectal temperature is most accurate. This gives you the axillary temperature. How to take an armpit temperature.

To take an axillary temperature use a digital thermometer. Bear in mind that an external armpit reading can be as much as 2 degrees lower than an internal rectal reading. Hold the thermometer to keep it in place and make sure they dont move around while the thermometer is underneath their. Take a childs underarm temperature the same way youd take your own.

Feel sweaty or clammy. Feel hotter than usual to touch on their forehead back or stomach. Turn on the digital. Your babys health care provider may ask you to take a rectal.

You can take your babys temperature by placing a thermometer in your babys armpit. A normal temperature for your baby ranges from 976 f to 1003 f. The rules for taking a babys armpit temperature choosing the correct thermometer. How do you take babys temperature.

Either an oral or rectal. All you need is a regular multi use digital thermometer. As an alternative for people of any age you may take an axillary armpit temperature but this method is not as accurate as the others and should not be relied upon if youre worried the person has a fever. How its done rectal temperature.

Use a digital thermometer orally if your little one can hold it still digital armpit ear or forehead thermometer.